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B2C // Germany-Korea-Vietnam Triangle Trading

Eprimeshop choose the high quality, Germany products such as household goods, home appliances, beauty products, baby goods and health foods then constructed triangle delivery system to make convenience door-to-door fast delivery system from Germany or Korea to Vietnam, Germany to Korea. 

And also we are East Asia exclusive distributor of WHAT!BOX natural mineral water from Qeenstown in Newzealand.

R&D // Commercialization

Eprimes has base of long experience in R&D and producing in ICT fields, so we develop and commercialize ICT device and accessories.

We pursues not purpose of R&D, but productivity and competitiveness such as quality, due date and price.

We consist each project team depend on project or item's attributes then reduces manufacturing price and has competitive R&D price to get best result.

Due to those effort we have optimized business model for customers' success with commercialization planning and project management know-how.

B2B // MRO, Wholesale


Eprimes is a Korea distributor of chemical products such as coating or adhesive from Elanas in Germany.

We are doing our best to improve the trust of customers' products though high quality and price, localized and customized technical support.

In addition, we supply consumable materials, tapes, airclean mats to keep clean environment in industrial R&D field.

Manufacturing // Korea, China, Vietnam

We have experience in production of ICT and supplying 3D glasses to LG Electronics. Also We have experience in auditing and supplying ICT devices and accessories to Korea mega cooperations and Europe, Japan IT and home appliance electronic companies with setting up manufacturing Cooperation in Bucheon, Incheon in Korea, Shenzhen, Dongguan in China and Hanoi in Vietnam.(Tablet PC, acc...)

We have on-site communication and problem solving abilities which are very important to handling the process, and it makes us experience that we supplied the products to major customers without claims.

Eprimes look for the customers' point of view.

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