Our Mission is finding out the best products in the world

We provide electronic/engineering chemical materials of Elantas in Germany

1. Underfill, Potting & Encapsulation Material

2. Conformal Coating 

3. Adhesives & Sealants

⚬ Application : PCBA, sensor, condenser, capacitor , cable sealing , electrotechnic and electronics , automobile
⚬ Line up : PU, EPOXY, SILICONE, Polyolefine(Hot melt type), Mod, Alkyd, Acrylate, Polyurethane, Acrylic

To increase lifespan of parts and circuits, against the pollution from environmental condition and shock, prevent corrosioin of condutors and solder and short circuits.  

We provide the consumable materials, tapes with good quality and competitive price


   OPP adhesion, printing, stretch, cloth adhesion, paper adhesion, masking, protective adhesion, double sided adhesion, acrylic foam, insulation vinyl adhesion, Polyester, industrial non woven fabric, holding, filament, aluminum, heat fix, optical, special tapes

2. Supplementary materials

   Packing materials, packing PE, silicone, general/industrial adhesion, electronic optical products, 3M industrial supplies, stabilizer, gloves, cleaning supplies, clothes, shoes, tools, etc

3. Tray 

    Food tray, fruit packing, household supplies packing

When people approach the door, the sensor catches the person then operate the collecting dust device, so vacuum is generated on the air clean mat, and it absorbs various harmful matters such as micro dust, soil on the bottom of the shoes. It has two filters(with HEPA filter) so it can prevent harmful matters invade  into the room.

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